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Talent Acquisition Research

Whether you have multiple positions to fill and tight timelines or perhaps you find your organization searching for a Senior Executive or a rare type of candidate;


Our Talent Acquisition Research offering can make your Recruitment Project or Assignment a success.


Our model is research based using a combination of competitive market analysis, Talent Mapping & Name and Contact Information Generation and Direct Recruitment using our HSI Unisearch metacrawling technology which produces potential candidate prospects from  multiple online candidate repositories and databases.

Your organization owns the rights to all of the Data Generated from the research as well as every candidate profile and every piece of market intelligence discovered during the project. Whether your company achieves a single hire or multiple hires from the results you only pay for the time invested in the research.  100% of the data is yours to keep and you can cancel at any point in time.

Our research typically yields 80% more qualified candidates than traditional social media job advertisements.  This when coupled with the time your staff needs to spend sifting through and rejecting the unqualified candidates, will allow you to achieve more success, in less time with measurable results.

Regardless of industry, job level or title, if your candidates exists, we have the Systems and Technology to find them.


Click the button below to fill out the contact information form and we will follow up to schedule a discovery call to investigate how our solution can augment your staffing strategy and deliver the results you need.

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