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HEADSOURCE  International

About HeadSource International

We offer complete solutions for state-of-the-art Talent Acquisition.  Let us transform your staffing function to produce world class results, by building strategic talent advisor capabilities into your talent attraction strategy.  We can show you how to increase your quality of hire, reduce your costs and optimize your entire Recruitment function.


Our vision is to offer our clients a one-stop solution for Talent Acquisition expertise, while delivering value, improving performance and opening the gateway for you to obtain the top talent in the marketplace.

About Our Services

Each of our Service pillars, described in more detail below, can be customized, to suit the needs of your organization, or they can be combined into a package.


All of our corporate packages enable our clients to create scalable, customized Talent Acquisition Solutions, which will specifically suit their organization, while leveraging a combination of our services.


Corporate plans are available on an annual membership basis and they include access to all services.  

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The HeadSource RPO solution begins with a thorough review of your organization’s current processes and relationship engagement structure.


Our RPO solutions can be used to scale the Talent Acquisition function to align with ebbs and flows in demand as well as to complement an existing internal function.


Through this solution we will take on some of the more time-consuming activities associated with Talent Acquisition.


We will also establish a vendor partnership framework which is linked to a service level agreement featuring review checkpoints to ensure a successful engagement.

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HeadSource International offers training services to enable our client's Recruitment Team Members to move beyond process mastery, into strategic influence. Our training programs are designed to develop and grow the high-impact talent advisor capabilities of your recruitment organization. Our team of Certified Strategic Talent Advisors will meet with you to gain an understanding of the gaps and shortcomings which currently exist, as well as the goals and objectives you would like the training to address. We will then design a curriculum to address the existing gaps and develop your team's Talent Advisor Capabilities. 


Our training programs will develop your in-house recruitment capabilities and will deliver measurable results in value through increasing quality-of-hire, decreasing time-to-hire and reducing agency spend.

We are committed to identifying candidates who will not only meet the specifications and requirements of the position, but who also possess leadership excellence and qualities, as well as network fit, within the organization.


The end result delivers quality candidates capable of fulfilling the long and short term goals and objectives of the organization. We enable our clients to solve complex business problems and measurably enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance through systematic identification and recruitment of industry leading executives.

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We offer full end-to-end Talent Acquisition services, for all levels of Permanent or Contract staff.

We efficiently handle end-to-end recruitment activities including; Research/Sourcing, Resume Screening/Ranking, Interviewing and Assessment, Reference and Background Checks.  Working with our team will translate into bottom-line benefits, in terms of time and cost savings.  Our clients enjoy:

  • Increased levels of process efficiency

  • Improved program productivity - including better fulfillment rates and lower cycle times

  • Improved staff productivity – increasing the quality of candidates through screening services,

  • Guaranteed performance – Headsource enjoys a 100% fill rate and a 100% Client retention rate.

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HEADSOURCE International




Office:   905 - 361 - 8745

Please feel free to call or to send us a message to request more information about how we can serve your organization. 


We are happy to connect with you to first get an understanding of your current needs, gaps and/or challenges.  We can then provide you with a quotation or a proposal of our services, including an outline of the scope of work and breakdown of our price details.

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Please feel free to connect with HeadSource on our LinkedIn Business Page, our Facebook Page, or with our Twitter Account. 


This way you will be able to hear about our business updates, opportunities and events.

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