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Recruitment Training:

Headsource International offers training services to enable our client's Recruitment Team Members to move beyond process mastery and into strategic influencing proficiency.  Our training programs are designed to develop the high-impact talent advisor capabilities of your recruitment organization.

Our team of Certified Strategic Talent Advisors will meet with you, to gain an understanding of the gaps and shortcomings which currenty exist, as well as the goals and objectives you would like the training to address.


We will then design a curriculum to address the existing gaps and develop your team's Talent Advisor Capabilities. 

We can train your Talent Acquisition team on:


  • Sourcing Candidates

  • Boolean Search

  • Direct Recruitment

  • Indirect Recruitment

  • Assessing Talent

  • Screening and Interviewing

  • Recruitment Process Optimization

  • Web 2.0 for Search

  • Building Business Acumen

  • Deepening Functional Expertise

  • Advising with Influence


Our training programs are designed to show our clients value, by developing in-house recruitment capabilities, thereby increasing quality-of-hires, decreasing time-to-hire and reducing agency spend.

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