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Executive Search:

We provide senior level recruitment services to virtually every business sector, using the most innovative talent acquisition techniques.


Our Mission, Code of Conduct:

Our mission is to strengthen our clients' organizations through the recruitment of high performing executives.  We subscribe to the code of conduct set out by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), the world’s most respected recruiting industry member organization.


Through our extended team we are able to provide executive search services to virtually any business sector worldwide.  We will enable our clients to solve complex business problems and measurably enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance through systematic identification and recruitment of industry leading executives.


While our focus is executive recruitment and we have significant experience in recruitment at the Senior Leadership level including C-Level, Executive Director and VP, we also have extensive recruitment at the middle management level including Department Heads, Directors and Senior Managers and for professional staff, in all disciplines.


We are committed to identifying candidates who will not only meet the specifications and requirements of the position, but who also possess leadership excellence and qualities as well as network fit within the organization.  The end result delivers quality candidates who are capable of fulfilling the long and short term goals and objectives of the organization.


Search Methodology & Deliverables:

Our Executive Search Consultants use a well defined process for Recruitment as follows:

Step 1 - Discovery & Stakeholder Interviews

Step 2 – Recruitment Research & Candidate Identification

Step 3 – Candidate Assessment & Long List Development

Step 4 – Short List Presentation

Step 5 – Selection Interviews

Step 6 – Referencing and Final Selection


We believe that the responsibility for the correct hiring decision is shared equally by the client, the candidate and the Recruitment Firm.  As such we would support your hiring decisions by committing to replace the hired individual, should he or she be released for performance-related reasons within six (6) months of joining your organization, provided HeadSource International has conducted full reference checks.  Out of pocket expenses normally associated with the search would be billed to you at cost.  As you can appreciate, we can only honour this guarantee if the organizational design and candidate profile have remained essentially unchanged.



Fees are based on the candidate’s starting salary as well as the level of complexity of the role.


Contact us for a quote, we can show you how to save thousands of dollars while enjoying world class Executive Recruitment results.


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